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 A blog about health, psychology, change, relationships and life

In this blog I am sharing my ideas, as a woman living in the U.S., a mother, psychologist, adamant traveler, and athlete. I am presenting cutting edge research in the areas of health, psychology, relationships and change, reflecting on my past experiences living in the west coast, training and working at UCLA and CHLA, and on my current experiences living in the south-east, and working at the Triangle Psychology Center.

My first piece is about a topic I am particularly passionate about. I have a background in systems psychology and specialize in health psychology as well as child and family psychology. As a child I was always into sports. I played tennis, skied, and swam. I was also into understanding people and their motives. My fascination with exercise and performance, and the interplay between motivation, achievement and performance became more crystalized during my time in the Israeli Defense Forces, where I served as a combat fitness instructor and a program developer. I was intrigued by the differences in individual achievement and in ways people were able to overcome difficulties through their commitment to physical performances. I continued this path by earning a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and specialized in providing individual, couples, group and family therapy to those whose coping, adjustment, and relationships have been impacted by various acute and chronic health conditions. I also specialized in providing neurocognitive assessments. In the meanwhile, I trained and taught Pilates, CrossFit (kids and adults), and practiced Iyengar yoga and meditation. I recently opened a practice with a colleague working as a psychologist and consultant at the Triangle Psychology Center.

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